Kinesiology taping

Kinesiology taping has taken the Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine world by storn in the recent years.  Developed by Dr. Kenzo Kase nearly 25 years ago in Japan, Kinesiology taping and has become the gold standard for therapeutic rehabilitative taping.  Our method uses a uniquely designed tape for the treatment of muscular disorders and lymphedema reduction. 

Taping is done over and around muscles to assist and lend support as well as prevent over-contraction.  Specific techniques allow the practitioner the opportunity to actually give support while maintaining full range of motion, thus enabling the individual to participate in physical activity with functional assistance.  Other techniques help to prevent overuse and help provide facilitation of lymph flow 24 hours per day. This therapy is commonly used in the acute stages of rehabilitation.  Taping can be used successfully in conjunction with other therapies including cryotherapy, hydrotherapy, massage and electrical stimulation.

Kinesiology taping affects the activation of the neurological and circulatory systems.  Muscles are not only responsible for the movements of the body but they also control circulation of blood and lymph flow as well as body temperature.  Therefore, the failure of the muscles to function properly may induce various injuries and conditions.  By using elastic tape, it was discovered that muscles and other tissues actually help to activate the body's own healing process. The action of the tape stimulates the production of fibroblasts which are responsible for producing collagen and elastin.